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Within the last few years Zamość has spent over half a billiard PLN on revival of objects of historical value, environmental protection and improvement of infrastructure. It would not have been possible without EU funds and determination of the self-government which wanted and was able to apply for the funds successfully in spite of tough competition. The direction which we want to take as an ideal city is perfectly reflected by establishment of Podstrefa Zamość Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna EURO-PARK Mielec. Realising a huge potential resulting from our location near the state border, we want Zamość, the second largest city in the Province of Lubelskie situated at an intersection of major transportation routes, to become an important economic centre.

Our chief assets include increasingly better communications with Western Europe, growing value of Zamość as a tourist brand, a large social capital based on local higher education schools which provide also Ukrainian students with educational possibilities and our location in a region where possibilities of development of food processing and wood industry are virtually unlimited. We are ready.

Andrzej Wnuk
Mayor of the Town of Zamosc

Statistics, people, total area

Zamość area: 30.3 km2 is divided into 16 districts with the status of the settlements which are auxiliary units.

Zamość in numbers

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The most demanded sectors

Nowadays, Zamość is the main regional centre of services in the south part of Lubelskie province. The most important branches for the region are: tourism and trade. The town has got a long tradition in the local indusrty, especially in food and furniture industry. Zamosc is the centre of trade for the smaller regional towns and communities.

Hundreds of people – 450 000, including Zamosc – are potential customers, who pay a significant role in increasing the local trade. The close cooperation with the EURO-PARK Mielec Special Economic Zone and the creation of the Zamosc Subzone aim to recover economic development of the town.

Investment offer and economic potential of the town are conditioned by the economic potential of the entire Lubelskie Voivodship. Lubelskie Voivodship is one of the most important agricultural regions in Poland. Development of food industry is shaped through clean ecological food.

Mining industry  has an important place in the region of Lubelskie – as a  largest number of coal mines  in the country. The Lublin region is also rich in construction materials such as limestone, marl, chalk, clay, construction sand and glass, which is reflected in a large number of cement and building materials companies, producing traditional and clinker brick, silicate products, cellular concrete and prefabricated concrete. Petroleum and natural gas reserves are also significant.

Chemical, wood, furniture, metal and machine industries, including the aerospace industry – are also the regional leading banches.

List of business-related institutions (consultancy companies, law firms, recruitment companies, etc.)

In Zamość there are institutions of the business environment, ie:

1. Banks – branches of the majority of banks operating in the country,
2. Insurance companies, or brokering and financial counseling,
3. Lawer’s offices,
4. Training and consulting companies:


These companies usually offer:

  • advisory and consulting services (including the absorption of modern techniques and technologies,  introduction of quality management systems, the acquisition of certificates, and the acquisition of national and EU financial resources for the development of the company);
  • wide range of training services,
  • basic and specialized information services.

Employees of the Investor Assistance Office offer assistance in implementing all procedures at each stage of the investment process.
They conduct the entrepreneur to the appropriate institution providing such support as: consulting, consulting, training, recruiting staff.

The most important domestic and foreign investors


Comprehensive information about companies registered in Zamość can be obtained at:

The dynamic economic development of the Lubelskie region is connected with key investments for the region, in sectors with high development potential.
The specialization of the Lubelskie economy is based on the following branches:

  • food industry (with a focus on investment in the development of processing technology and biotechnology in the food sector
  • furniture industry (a clear development tendency, especially in terms of exports)
  • mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace
  • BPO and IT

The modern economy is characterized by its innovativeness, created by entrepreneurs using modern technologies in their activity as well as schools providing education for graduates in fields of corresponding to the requirements of the labor market and higher education institutions with their research centers and knowledge transfer.

The industry has a strong base in the region thanks to the numerous companies operating in these areas.


  • Lubella S.A.
  • OSM Krasnystaw
  • Perła Browary Lubelskie S.A.
  • Stock Polska sp.z.o.o.
  • Herbapol Lublin S.A.
  • Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Ryki


  • Black Red White S.A.
  • BIM sp.z.o.o.
  • Jobon sp.z.o.o.
  • Europarquet
  • Meble Polskie
  • Masket Meble


  • Medicover
  • Centrum Operacji Księgowych TP S.A.
  • Syntea Centrum Rozwoju

Power industry, including renewable energy:

  • Lubelski Węgiel Boganka S.A
  • Biogas plant w Uhminie
  • Electrical power and heating plant GIGA, Świdnik
  • Electrical power and heating plant Lublin-Wrotków

Human potential, labour market, education

Innovative centers in Zamosc such as: higher education institutions pursuing international educational projects and carrying out scientific research, which in the nearest future may prove particularly important for the development of local and regional labor markets.
The modern laboratories, attractive educational offer and well-prepared staff are the distinguishing features of the Zamość University, which in pursuit of their mission, refer to the history of the famous Zamość Academy.

We invite you to familiarize with the offer of Zamosc schools:

In addition to the graduates of higher education, attractive professional staff for entrepreneurs form vocational schools and business schools, among others:


In the context of attracting investments into the region, including foreign direct investments, technical infrastructure (equipping the region with gas, electricity, water, sewerage) and communication is of paramount importance. These are the basic elements taken into account by the investor when deciding on investing.

  • The area of Zamosc covered by the local spatial development plan is 100%
  • The town is currently carrying out activities related to the preparation of investment areas for economic activity, with the area of 37 hectares – Zamosc Economic Activity Zone and the investment area located in the Eastern Industrial District - at ul. Hrubieszowska. Available investment sites are located here and here:
  • Electric power: The town is characterized by good equipment with medium and low voltage networks of the required standard.
  • Gas network: Lublin province is supplied with natural gas from the national high pressure pipeline system and the system of smaller local branches to the reduction and measurement stations. The percentage of inhabitants using the gas network in the total number of inhabitants is 87.6%. The length of the gas network in the city is 144.5 km.
  • Heating network: In the area of the Town of Zamość, the largest fuel combustion installations belong to Veolia Wschód Sp. z.o.o. in Zamosc. The nominal power of the coal combustion installation is 47.85 MWt. Four WR-5 boilers have been shut off. In 2010, 3 WR-10 boilers with nominal power of 15,95 MW each were introduced. The total length of the district heating network is 42,288 km, including heating networks operated by the company - 34,963 km, and heating networks not owned by the company - 7,325 km
  • The length of the sewerage system in Zamość is 146 km. Access to the sewer system is about 90 percent. inhabitants of the city.
  • Dominate new fiber optic networks, landline and overhead telephone lines. Dynamic wireless technology is also being developed.
  • The nearest airport is located within a radius of 89 kilometers (Lublin Airport in Świdnik, another international airport is within a radius of 136 kilometers (Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport).
  • Zamość has a comprehensive educational offer: 3 crèches, 22 kindergartens, 25 primary schools and junior high schools, 33 secondary and vocational schools, and 3 higher education institutions.
  • Another advantage of Zamość is the neighborhood of Roztocze - a beautiful, wild land of unspoilt nature, an unusual architecture with elements of eastern culture.

Important institutions for cooperation with investors

Zamość actively cooperates with institutions that integrate the business environment and create activities for the development of the local economy:

Economic Council at the President of the Town of Zamość:

The Council consists of representatives of local communities, whose activities shape the economic realities of the Town. The Economic Council at the President of the Town of Zamość has advisory and advisory functions related to the economic development of the city. Members of the Council support the activities of the Mayor through his knowledge, experience and knowledge of Zamość's economic problems. The principles of the Council's work and the procedure of appointing its members were laid down by the Order of the Mayor of Zamość, dated 16 April 2012.

Union Presidents of Zamosc Enterprises

The aim of the association is to integrate the business environment and the economic development of our region. These aims are realized by organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures and trainings for the exchange of experience, learning and cooperation with the self-governments of Zamość, the region and the central government.

Lublin Science and Technology Park

LSTP's mission is to support the development of the Lubelskie voivodship by creating a platform for cooperation with Lublin universities, business representatives and the start-up environment.
Zamość cooperates with LPNT in the realization of the project. "Platform for launching new ideas" - one of the flagship projects co-ordinated by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Support. Within the framework of the project, the Town of Zamość is obliged to participate in the organization of workshops, expert meetings and networking promoting the start-up culture.

Puławy Science and Technology Park

The Puławy Science and Technology Park was established in 2012 as a complement to development of the existing scientific and research base already located in Puławy. The institution bases its activity mainly on the transfer of technology between a number of research institutes and the business sector, organic chemistry, soil science and biotechnology.

Investor Assistance Center at the Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Voivodship in Lublin

IAC is engaged in the service of foreign investors interested in starting a business activity on the territory of the voivodeship or on behalf of Polish Investment and Trade Agency. Zamość is in close contact with the IAC staff and participates in the creation and updating of a regional list of investment sites and a database of export companies in the Lublin Region.

Industrial Development Agency JSC Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN

Industrial Development Agency JSC, EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is the Managing Authority of the Special Economic Zone. Branch in Mielec. The manager's tasks include:

  • promotion of the zone and companies operating in its area,
  • acquiring and servicing new investors,
  • authorizing investors to start business in the SEZ,
  • current control over the activities of investors,
  • assisting investors in running their business, as well as support in establishing contacts with business partners.

Poland Investment Zone

The Polish Investment Zone (PIZ) is a statutory support instrument for companies planning new investments.

Culture and tourism

Zamosc, an ideal Renaissance town, one of ‘’Seven Wonders of Poland’’ in a poll organised by ‘’Rzeczpospolita’’ newspaper, is a beautiful town whose unique architecture, ever-present history and contemporary image never fail to impress visitors. On 14 December 1992 Zamosc Old Town complex was inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Zamosc is visited – every year – by more than 200 000 tourists from Poland, German, Italy, France, Israel, Japan.
Anually, during cultural season – from May to September, there are lots of artistic events-festivals and celebrations – organised on the Great Market Square.

Zamosc Old Town is an exceptional historical complex on a European level, comprising over 200 old facilities which in summer become a magic scenery for many inspiring cultural events, such as festivals, performances, happening, concerts and fairs.

Apart from a wealth of cultural events and many possibilities of spending leisure time, the Stefan Miler’s Zoological Garden is a major tourist attraction. It is the only facility of this type in eastern Poland and in 2012 it was recognised as ‘’The Best Tourist Products in the Province of Lubelskie’’ by Internet users. Over 200 thousand people visit the zoological garden in Zamosc every years.

More information about tourist attractions and leisure activities in Zamość is available at