The greatest advantages of Zamosc

Within the last few years Zamość has spent over half a billiard PLN on revival of objects of historical value, environmental protection and improvement of infrastructure. It would not have been possible without EU funds and determination of the selfgovernment which wanted and was able to apply for the funds successfully in spite of tough competition. The direction which we want to take as an ideal city is perfectly reflected by establishment of The “EURO-PARK” Mielec Special Economic Zone- Zamosc Sub-zone. Realising a huge potential resulting from our location near the state border, we want Zamość, the second largest city in the Province of Lubelskie situated at an intersection of major transportation routes, to become a strong economic centre. Our chief assets include increasingly better communications with Western Europe, growing value of Zamość as a tourist brand, a large social capital based on local higher education schools which provide also Ukrainian students with educational possibilities and our location in a region where possibilities of development of food processing and wood industry are virtually unlimited. We are ready.


Tourist attractions

Zamosc, the town which in 1992 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, is visited – every year – by more than 200 000 tourists from Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Israel and Japan. Annually, during cultural season – from May to September, there are lots of artistic events-festivals and celebrations – organised on the Great Market Square.
Zamość Old Town is an exceptional historical complex on a European level, comprising over 200 old facilities which in summer become a magic scenery for many inspiring cultural events, such as festivals, performances, happening, concerts and fairs.

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WHY you should visit Zamosc


Poland - thanks to stable economic and political situation, it is an excellent place to invest and develop business. The established macroeconomic position, transparent legal and tax system as well as educated competent staff attract foreign investors. Well-educated Polish economists, engineers, IT professionals and scientists are valued and sought-after employees of information technology companies, research and development centers and scientific institutes.

Thanks to the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which is a central entity in Poland's economic promotion, investors are given optimal conditions for conducting business.

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